VCA Implementation

VCA stands for the ‘Veiligheidschecklist Aannemer’ (Safety Checklist for Contractors). It is a quality system for safety and provides a structure for managing and documenting safety in your company. 
Contract principals are increasingly insisting that their contractors and service providers devote attention to safety. Failure to show concern for safety will mean fewer orders. VCA is a way of demonstrating the safety policy is structurally embedded in a company. Although VCA is not a legal requirement, it is recognized as a general standard within many industry sectors.


Structurally mapping how safety is organised within your company.

For whom

For all contractors. Depending on the category of your company, there are two VCA possibilities:

  • VCA* is intended for companies with fewer than 35 employees.
  • VCA** is intended for companies with 35 employees or more and also the smaller companies who work with subcontractors.
  • You decide as a contractor which VCA certificate you should have!

Role DISC Belgium

DISC Belgium assists companies in preparing their dossier for the VCA certification, the application by an accreditation organization of your choice.  
DISC Belgium assistance includes, but is not limited to:

  • Creating an inventory of the existing methodologies, procedures and documents
  • Preparing an organization plan of the different steps
  • Preparing a policy statement and action plan
  • Starting up a VCA system in accordance with the regulations
  • Conducting a pre-audit in accordance with the regulations of the VCA
  • Reviewing documents for compliance with the VCA requirements
  • Organizing the first management assessment

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